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About Jeff Simmons

Retiring at the end of 2010 after a 45 year career in the health care industry, I began painting with no prior formal training in or experience with fine art (other than visits to art museums and in the United States and Europe). My wife, who was also an artist, has provided advice during this period which has been augmented with some local art classes and constructive criticism from other artist friends.

I prefer acrylics because this medium is easier to use and provides a brighter palette that I prefer. Rather than focus on a specific subject genre, I choose to paint subjects that interest me. This decision has allowed me to experiment with various artistic ideas and genres without limiting my creative growth.

I am a member of several local artist groups, including the Delaware Valley Art League, the Chester County Art Association and the Berwyn Artists Group. My work has been juried into shows and venues in the suburban Philadelphia art community. 

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